Wednesday, 22 June 2016

WIPW - Obstacles

More sudden obstacles mean my WIPW (Work In Progress Wednesday) report is meagre - yet again!

Trinity Green

I only had time to sew seventy triangles, so the total number I now have is 1987 triangles on the paper strips.

Fabric in Focus
Fuzzy cutting means that one cuts out a selected part of a print.
I have had this print in my stash for a long time, not knowing how to use it.
Although beautiful, it IS a very busy and overpoweringly PINK print, and I fuzzy cut the green leaves.
 There is still a bit pink left to add a bit of colour and interest to the green triangles.

I have started the handquilting, and follow the black inked lines with running stitches in black thread.
 The quilted stitches are sometimes burried in the loosely vowen gauze on the back.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 36 - 42

The seven TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday, check it out at Pintangle) stitches I worked this week contained some that are raised and take on a life of themselves. Some look messy!

 From the top:
36) Knotted Buttonhole Stitch
37) Beaded Hedebo Stitch (I had to look up how to make the loop)
38) Knotted Loop Stitch (I had forgotten both the name and the instructions)
39) Italian Border Stitch
40) Buttonhole Wheel Cup

As these cups took a long time to make, and the following two stitches would as well, I decided to work only 1/3 of each and place them in the same row.
41) Closed Base Woven Picot Stitch
42) Open Base Woven Picot Stitch

Untidy and unruly, NOT my favourites!
I hope I will enjoy my second helping of TAST stitches more next week.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

WIPW - Cutting Triangles

After another hectic week it is time for the weekly Work In Progress Wednesday report:

Trinity Green

The total number of sewn triangles still stands at 1917 as I have had no time to sew, but I did cut a lot of new triangles.

 Fabric in Focus
Among the darker shades of green there is one fabric that is wool. I found it in an abandoned box of dressmaking fabric of my aunt's. As you can see it is Japanese and 100% wool.

 Do you think it is odd, or does it add a bit of interest among the cotton prints?
I did soak it is hot water so it won't shrink in a future wash.

The HC quilt needed a touch more of grey crayon,
 and then it was ready to be sandwiched and basted.

For the back I used gauze/muslin/cheese cloth, or whatever you prefer to call this loosely woven fabric. I will not only quilt but add embroidery, and the back won't look pretty. That is why I have chosen gauze as a working backing. I will later add a neat and tidy backing, covering up a million of quilting and embroidery sins.
So the next step is quilting.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

TASTY Tuesday - Second Helpings 29 - 35

First I had to redo the strange looking Oyster stitches of last week.
Then I worked the next seven TAST stitches:
It was a pinch to complete the last row of stitches and I took the picture when there was still daylight with the stitches only half done. I had filled the row by midnight and kept my 'a stitch a day' target.

From the top:
28) Oyster Stitch, which I redid, and now are correctly made.
29) Algerian Eye Stitch
30) Cast On Stitch
31) Pekinese Stitch
32) Linked Double Chain Stitch (I had to look up the name and instructions)
33) Sheaf Stitch
34) Pistil Stitch
35) Drizzle Stitch (I used a tiny blob of glue to stiffen the tip of the thread so it would be easy to rethread the needle again and again)