Thursday, 21 August 2014

WIPW - TAST Marathon

WIPW followers are in for a treat this week. Sharon has some stunning work. Go to Pintangle to check it out, read others' blogs and why not join in the fun.

My Work In Progress Wednesday report this week includes:

a) progress on the Swedish wool embroidery collar
b) an amendment; I forgot to report on some TAST stitches for the Swedish Cushion
c) a stitch marathon of 16 TAST stitches on the Swedish Cushion - I have almost reached the Finishing Line
d) TAST reference chart

Swedish Wool Embroidery Collar
Yet another flower has sprung forth.

An Amendment
I should have included these TAST stitches in a previous blog post about the Swedish Cushion but totally forgot about it while in the UK.

#39 Italian Border Stitch in green
#41 Closed Base Picot in orange
#119 Woven Trellis Stitch in dark orange

Swedish Cushion
Now for the work I put in this week, a real stitch marathon, 16 stitches!!!
Inside the Sailors Edge circles I used TAST #18 Half Chevron as a filling stitch
In the middle #91 Straight Sided Feather
On the left #92 Crossed Feather (purple and yellow)
On the right #93 Plaited Feather (light pink and yellow)
From the left:
a) #81 Raised Chain, version 2
b) #117 Bullion Vandyke (still can't do them neatly!!!)
c) #44 Portuguese Border 
d) #124 Closed Herringbone
Look at the red and blue stitches:
Left: #120 Double Herringbone Stitch
Right: #121 Twisted Lattice Band
Purple stitches in #26 Up and Down Buttonhole
Light green stitches in #126 Alternating Up and Down Buttonhole
Leaf: #105 Alternating Buttonhole Cable Chain
Fruit: #104 Buttonhole Cable Chain
 Purple stitches on teal ribbon: #122 Chained Bar
 Purple on teal ribbon: #123 Woven Chained Bar
Almost completed! 
113 TAST stitches!
Left to do is only one stitch, #65 Buttonhole Bar and I will not include the 13 beaded stitches.

TAST Reference Chart
I added these Beaded Herringbone Stitches #125 to my reference chart.

Monday, 18 August 2014

TAST #125 - Beaded Herringbone Stitch

Here is a nice stitch, the Beaded Herringbone, TAST stitch #125. Go to Pintangle to learn!

At first I had difficulty to place the right amount of beads on the leg of the Herringbone, and as you can see I have placed the second leg of the stitch either after the last bead (second row) or between two of the beads (third row), as it should be according to Sharon's instructions.

I have also played around and made a few variations.
Great fun to play with beads again.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Look what I was given!

While in the UK I had the opportunity to meet embroidery oracle Pamela Allen of Hokkaido Kudasai.

Although Pamela and I both live in Japan, our homes are so far apart it has been difficult to meet there. By chance we were both in London at the same time this summer, and after various setbacks i.e. seriously delayed trains, me running out of pay-as-you-go airtime balance, heavy rain showers, we finally found each other amongst the crowds of central London.

Oh, what a delightful person! We had a great time chatting and I felt as if we had know each other a long time.

Anyone who has followed Pamela's blog knows her love for Japan and Hokkaido, but especially her passion for needlework. Pamela is so open minded about stitching and tries her hand at all sorts of techniques. She is also fast and blogs about one finish after another. Right now she has a series of Christmas ornaments that she made, mounted, photographed and prepared for one-a-day postings on her blog while in the UK. You see, she is organised as well!

Look what she gave me:
Isn't it a delightful scissor fob? Pamela has combined her skills of embroidery, beading and cord making.
THANK YOU, Pamela for the beautiful gift, and for taking time out of your hectic schedule to spend a few hours with me. Next time I hope we can find each other in the crowds of Tokyo, maybe at the quilt show in January.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

WIPW - Approved!

WIPW (Work In Progress Wednesday) helps you take a step closer to completing that needlework project. Read more at Pintangle.

Swedish Wool Embroidery Collar
I have worked another flower designs on the collar:

I am rather pleased with this particular design as I am sure there is no such flower in nature. Pure fantasy!

Swedish Cushion
On the cushion front I have added the following to the centre line:

TAST #49 Knotted Feather Stitch (yellow)
#38 Knotted Loop Stitch (light brown)
Here are some #57 Sailors Edge Stitch. The hollows will be filled with some stitch later on.

At the Festival of Quilts I meet up with Margaret and showed her the cushion. I am pleased to say she approved of how it looks, and I must say it does look better in reality than in these pictures. This blue fabric that I am stitching on is IMPOSSIBLE for the camera to capture properly. Compare the blue in the picture above and below, neither is the true blue! Sigh!

TAST Reference Chart
Of course I added #124 Closed Herringbone